4 Best running shoes for flat feet

4 Best running shoes for flat feet

Anyone who has flat feet should put extra care when selecting running shoes. The arch of your foot is your natural shock absorption system. Your body is designed in a way that if you were to put your body weight over your feet the shock is absorbed by the mechanism. Flat feet is a very visible sign of overpronation, this means that your arch will most likely collapse during an impact to the ground. As a result of this, your ankle would twist inwards and your knees will overcompensate.

Flat feet are a concern for runners as while running, the arch will average 3 times their body weight. Over the past 20 years, the largest footwear brands have taken extra attention to developing specific technologies that will give comfort and safety aimed at runners with flat feet. Runners with flat feet need to pay attention to the support and stability a shoe provides. If a shoe has claims to have added support then it going in the right direction. Stability is another term you should be looking out for that is used to describe running shoes that are aimed at helping overpronation. Some technologies that are found in stability shoes is density foam, it is easily recognised as is a darker and an almost always grey piece of foam inside the shoe. Below are the 4 Best flat feet running shoes.

1. Nike LunarGlide 6

This show is a lightweight running shoe. Not only is it very stable but it also has sufficient padding. It is also offers a fit through design improvements in the sole of the shoe which will allow for a quick transaction and a smooth ride for those regular overpronators. This Nike shoe is excellent for runners who are after stability but at the same time something lightweight. The shoe has cushioning through the entire stride. The shoe also offers a secure and breathable fit as it gives the user more room in the toe box. It also comes in many different stylish colours so you can get one to match your preference.

2. New Balance 1260 v4

The new balance looks and feels stylish and is a well built trainer. It is a very solid shoe, it offers support stability for runners that overpronate but at the same time it delivers sufficient cushioning from the heel up to the toe. This allows for a quick transition and a smooth ride. For the 4th generation, new types of medical posts are implemented further into the midsole, this helps the prevention of pronation earlier. The newly designed T Beam shank will deliver stability throughout your mid foot. Also their updated cushioning is able to cater for the entire foot.

3. Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

The wave inspire ten is another top contender for overpronators. It is comfortable, lightweight throughout and has breathable mesh. It is also a secure fit from head to toe. The latest version of this running shoe is continues to provide smooth, quick transaction weather you are going at a short speed, or even if its a high mileage session, the cushioning provided is more than adequate.

4. Asics GT-2000 2

The asics GT 2000 2 is a great neutral and supportive shoe. The first impression you get of this shoe when you put it on is how comfortable is it.The only concern is its durability. It will offer runners with over pronation some support and gives a little more padding if thats what you’re after. It is also lightweight, it is not as heavy as similar trainers in its category.

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