Bad Habits That Negatively Affect Your Foot Health

Bad Habits That Negatively Affect Your Foot Health

Your feet is considered as a foundation for every single movement of your body. Therefore, a good care of your feet is highly essential. A study shows that a 50-year-old American move 75 000 miles in average with their feet.

As your feet associated with your daily task and all the time carry your whole body weight, there are several problems that can occur accordingly. Some of the most common foot problems can be named as athlete’s foot, hammertoes, blisters, bunions, corns, and calluses, etc.

If you want to prevent the risk of being had foot problems, you should bear in mind the reason why foot problems occur. By understanding how your habits affect your foot health, you can lower the chance of facing foot problem.


In common sense, everyone does know that smoking is a bad habit for health. It is known to be one of the reason causing lung cancer or health problem associated with lung function. However, now we are discussing the bad side of smoking to your feet.

The most recognizable evidence of a smoking person is by looking at their teeth. Nevertheless, exanimating their feet is another extraordinary way is to know if a person is a smoker or not. According to Professor James Mahoney, people who smoke tend to have thinner feet skin. Their feet skin color also looks redder than others.

Even though it does not make sense when talking about the relationship between smoking and foot health, smoking actually harms your feet under the case of having peripheral arterial disease. As you might know or might not know, your feet is connected all the way long to your heart. It means that in some cases, your feet does not receive a stable blood circulation. Smoking which affects functions of other parts in your body can lead to a poor working status of your body.

The peripheral arterial disease usually happens in accordance with people who smoke. In the case of having peripheral arterial disease, the arterial from the length of your leg to your feet is affected. The disease generally narrows your arterial. In that sense, your feet does not receive enough blood for the movement.

As a result, your feet will suffer from pain while you move or walk. In some case, it can be worse that there are injuries and aching in your feet. For those people who have diabetes problem that causes the trouble in blood circulation as well will highly in risk of serious fete damage.

It is hard to know if you have peripheral arterial or not as the disease does not have any seeable symptoms. According to a research, there is a chance of four times higher to develop the peripheral arterial disease for people who smoke than those who are non-smoking.

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High Heels

This habit concerns women who usually wear high heels for a long period of time. Even though women believe that wearing high heels can make them look sexier and more attractive, it does badly influence their feet health. However, that prettier look pays off with pain.

A podiatrist in New York City, Sherri Greene, has claimed that he works every day with a problem caused by high heels. On one side, high heels can make a woman feel confident, desirable since it supports their height. On the other side, using high heels make changes to the shape of the body while standing or walking.

In the high heels, there is not enough support for the stress of the body which usually leads to pain or tiredness. Foot problems highly occur to women who usually wear high heels every day for a long time. Obviously, the damages caused by slipping on high heels is worse than that on a sneaker. In addition, you also should search for best footwear for being on foot all day as your feet are in the need of supports.

There are three problems associated with wearing high heels for such a long time as the followings: bunions, foot pain, muscle and joint pain. A bunion is a swelling in your big toe. It is usually caused by wearing high heels with knitting in toes. It also occurs with people who wear tight or narrow shoes which reform the shape of the toes. The infected area will become red and sore with extremely painful feeling.

When walking on high heels, most of the stresses are stresses on the balls of your feet. The pressure is seven times higher when wearing high heels comparing to a pair of flat. Your toes also receive more stress from the body weight than before. It is the reason that causes foot pain. Nevertheless, it might lead to hammertoes or corns problem.

Other parts of your body can also be affected by wearing high heels for a long time. There is such problem as knee pain, lower-back pain, shoulder and neck pain. The reason behind is because of change in the shape and stress of your buttocks and outward chest.


In common sense, nutrition has relation with body health, heart health, and associated with weight. In addition, nutrition also has affection on other parts of the body as well as the feet. To explain, feet is connected as a part of the body and whatever is supplied for the body will make up the change in the body.

There is food in a common diet that can increase the chemicals in the body, which leads to inflammation. These food are usually sugar, grains, trans fat, saturated fat in red meat, corn oil or soybean oil. These food strengthen the risk of inflammation that causes pain in your heel.

Sweet, white flour and pasta mostly encourage the increase of blood sugar and cause inflammation. To reduce the risk of inflammation, you are suggested to use more omega-3 fats and have a diet makeover. Omega-3 fats in fish and fish oil is a good way to reduce inflammation and balance omega-6 fats in corn, soybean oil.

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